Art of Peace Foundation currently renders the following services. 

  •  Awards scholarships in cash or kind.
  •  Provides support to Professorships, Fellowships, Lectureship
  •  Sponsors prizes at schools, colleges and other educational institutions.
  •  Offers support and guidance in career and education counseling.
  •  Gives loans to poor, desirous of receiving primary, secondary or higher education.
  •  It develops education and training modules.

  •  Organizes and sponsors health awareness program
  •  Offers support in setting up of hospitals, clinics, dispensaries
  •  Grant of donations to hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes,
  •  Grant of medical help and relief to poor and deserving persons

 Social welfare 
  •  Awareness program
  •  Communal harmony program
  •  Relief and rehabilitation

It implements various innovative and social welfare programs for rural development, poverty elimination, relief and rehabilitation, etc.

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