Education and Training

Art of Peace Foundation imparts education in the field of development of children, student and people of all ages on regular and correspondence basis. It develops infrastructure as well as varied mechanisms to provide training, coaching and research facilities in order to support education, health, and spiritual care process.
Its objective is to disseminate and / or promote education or training for overall development of children, students and person of all ages in its various branches such as:

The Foundation conducts short, intermediate and long term research, educational and training courses; it organizes regional and national debates, seminars, workshops, study circles, etc.


In the area of healthcare, Art of Peace Foundation affords mental and biological medical relief to children, students and person of all ages through setting up of hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and spiritual clinics, yoga centers. Providing medical services through conventional and non-conventional medical streams like allopathy, homeopathy, unani, naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure alternative therapy etc.

Community Welfare

Art of Peace Foundation introduces and implements various innovative programs for rural development, poverty elimination, relief and rehabilitation, in the areas of education, health, family planning, social welfare, women’s education and development, etc.

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