The aims of Art of Peace Foundation are multiple.
  • To improve the quality of life of people belonging to different sections of the society. 
  • To empower communities in terms of quality and value-based education.
  • To promote integrated health, livelihood aspects and other dimensions of general public utility.
It focuses on the elevation and awakening of the soul and the enhancement of the power within the people. It also aims to encourage sustainable lifestyle whereby all people can prosper and live a joyous life.

Art of Peace Foundation will seek to achieve these aims by:
  •  Increasing people’s awareness of education, health, welfare and spiritual care among people of all ages;
  •  Improving the opportunities and life experiences of downtrodden people through education, health and spiritual care and helping them to gain more control over their personal lives and environment;
  •  Enhancing the health and connectivity between mind, body and spirit by offering information, services and a place to learn and perform various spiritual activities;
  •  Strengthening the efforts of communities, community based organizations, non-government organizations, governments, planners, researchers, policy makers, service providers and others to contribute to; Securing lasting and sustainable benefits for people of all ages; Promoting awareness and influencing changing policy and practice that will benefit children, people of all ages and students; Increasing awareness of the people towards making a balance between physical and spiritual health;

Art of Peace Foundation will develop ways and means, which would help to promote the aim across the globe.

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